2011 Jeep Wrangler JK

70th Anniversary Edition

This model was made in 2011 to celebrate 70 years of the original Jeep.

Future Toad Vehicle?

Considering all the options on the best way to tow four down behind our Forester.

Stay tuned for the upgrades

This new to us Jeep JK has plenty of upgrade and mod potential as you Jeep owners know.  My idea is to add all black accessories.  

***The Suspension Build is done***

Jeep JK Upgrades

2011 Jeep Wrangler JK BDS 3 inch Lift Kit

Suspension Build

This is my Jeep JK 2011 70th Anniversary Edition after my suspension build.  I had everything professionally done by OK4WD in Stewartsville, NJ.  I had a BDS 3 inch Suspension Lift Kit installed.  The BDS Kit came with new coil springs capable of full coil bind, bump stops, rear sway bar drop bracket, a BDS steering stabilizer and BDS ultimate sway bar disconnects.  I also had added Moog tie rods and drag link, AEV geometry correction brackets, JKS front adjustable track bar and Fox 2.0 Performance Series Shocks.  For the rims I got the Pro Comp Wheels, model 2640.  They are 17x9 with 5 on 5 bolt pattern and a 4.75 inch backspace.  For tires I opted for the BFG All Terrain T/A KO2’s in  a 34x10.50R17 size.  Most part numbers will be specific to the particular model and year of Jeep Wrangler.     Watch a video of the install on our Videos Page-2 or on our YouTube Channel.

jeep wrangler jk grill inserts light inserts

Black Front Accessories

I added Black Aluminum Billet Grill Inserts, Black Head Light Inserts, Black Parking Light Inserts and Black Fog Light Inserts.  I also Plasti-Dipped the Jeep Emblem from black.  Buy Billet Inserts on Amazon.   Buy Head Light Inserts on Amazon.   Buy Parking and Fog Light Inserts on Amazon.   Buy Plasti-Dip on Amazon. 

Black Diamond Plate ABS Plastic Cowl Covers

Added these nice Cowl Covers to protect the front cowls from the dreaded cowl dent caused by the door mirrors found on so many Jeeps.  I also used black Plasti-Dip to blackout the windshield hinge brackets.  Buy Cowl Body Armor on Amazon. 

Black Hood Hinge Covers

Added Black Hood Hinge Covers to add more black accents .  Buy Black Hood Hinge Covers on Amazon. 

jeep jk wrangler daymaker led headlights cree fog lights

7" Black Daymaker LED Headlights and Cree Fog Lights

Installed these great LED headlights and fog lights.  They change the whole look of the Jeep.   Buy the LED lights on Amazon.   Buy Jeep Plastic Bolts on Amazon.   Watch a video of the install on our Videos Page-2 or on our YouTube Channel.

Flexible Off-Road (13-inch) Antenna for Jeep Wrangler

Installed this great low profile flexible rubber AM/FM radio antenna, sold by AntennaX.  You never have to worry about the stock antenna hitting things again.  Buy this antenna on Amazon.

jeep wrangler jk smittybilt hd pivot rear tire carrier

Smittybilt Pivot HD Tire Carrier 2843

I purchased this tire carrier to reinforce the tailgate hinges for mounting a heavier spare tire.   Installation is very easy.  There was no cutting or drilling.  Everything lines up in the original holes.  It is definitely heavy duty and seems like it will hold whatever size tire you want to mount.  In my case that will be some 34’s.   Buy this Smittybilt Pivot HD Tire Carrier on Amazon.     Watch a video of the install on our Videos Page-2 or on our YouTube Channel.

jeep hood american flag distressed

Matte Black Distressed American Flag Hood Graphic

Added this decal to give the Jeep a little patriotism.  Install was easy and went on without a hitch.  Company claims vinyl has a greater than 7 year outdoor life expectancy.  Buy this graphic decal on Amazon.

Black Door Hinge Covers

Black door hinge covers to match the hood hinges.  These come with 3m tape but I needed to add more tape on top of the tape as it was too thin to make contact with the hinge.  Fit  was great with the extra tape.   Buy the Door Hinge Covers on Amazon.

jeep american flag taillight cover

Black American Flag Tail Light Covers

These tail light protection covers are powder coated aluminum and match the American Flag theme on our Jeep.  Buy these American Flag Tail Light Covers on Amazon.