RV Products We Love - Page 1

Wash Wax All Waterless System

Aero Cosmetics Waterless Wash Wax All. This is an aircraft quality wash and wax that enjoys over 90% five star reviews on Amazon. I have used it for about a year now and it the easiest product that I have found. It can be used on the RV’s paint, fiberglass, plastic, chrome, windows and mirrors. It does not leave any residue like other wax products. Once you try it you will be hooked.     You can watch a video we did showing how to use it and its results on our Video-1 Page or  Click here to see it on our YouTube Channel.    Buy Wash Wax All on Amazon.

Generator and Fuel Maintenance

These three products keep your generator and fuel system running at optimal performance. We use Sta-Bil Marine 360 in our vehicle's fuel system year round. SeaFoam works great to keep our generator running smooth. Finally Corrosion X is a fantastic product to prevent rust. We spray it on anything that has the potential to rust. truly amazing.  You can watch a video we did on generator maintenance that utilizes the products on our Video-1 Page or  Click here to see it on our YouTube Channel.    Buy SeaFoam on Amazon.    Buy Sta-Bil Marine 360 on Amazon.    Buy Corrosion X on Amazon.

Fresh - Grey - Black Water Treatments

These are the chemicals we use to treat our Fresh Water, Grey Water and Black Water holding tanks.  We treat our fresh water holding tank with Camco's Drinking Water Freshener to keep it odor free and fresh tasting. Just 2 ounces treats 40 gallons of stored water.  For our grey holding tank we use Camco's TST Grey Water Control. Four ounces treats 40 gallons of grey water. Its lemon scent helps fight odor and it prevents grease buildup. Finally for our black water holding tank we use the Blue Streak Chemical and Dispenser System.   This is a hands free easy system and chemical that we have used for years. Check the Blue Streak System out on our Upgrades and Mods - Page 3. We even have a video.   Buy Camco Drinking Water Freshener on Amazon.   Buy Camco TST Grey Water Odor Control on Amazon.   Buy Blue Streak Chemical on Amazon.   Buy the Blue Streak Dispenser System on Amazon.

Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant and Eternabond RSW-4-50 RoofSeal Sealant Tape

Dicor self leveling lap sealant is the industry standard for RV roof sealant. It works well and is pretty easy to apply.  You should check your RV roof at a minimum twice a year.  Eternabond is the best we have found in roof sealant tape for trouble areas. It sticks and that's it.  Doesn't move, crack or weaken.  It's one of the worlds wonders. Fellow RV'ers swear by it and claim it last for years.  Buy Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant on Amazon.   Buy Eternabond Tape on Amazon.

17 LB. Lightweight Composite Propane Tank from Viking.

This propane cylinder by Viking has a 17lb capacity and is 50% lighter than the traditional steel tanks.  It also has a nice wide base and you can see the propane level through the tank.  It even has an advertised lifespan of 15 years.   You can watch a video we did on our composite LPG cylinder on our Video-2 Page or  Click here to see it on our YouTube Channel.   Buy the Lightweight Composite Propane Tank on Amazon.   

T-Fal Actifry Multi-Cooker

We decided on the T-Fal because it rotates the food as it cooks, so everything is evenly browned.  It works great and is an awesome addition to our RV cookware.  You can watch a video we did on the T-Fal Actifry on our RV Cooking-1 page or  Click here to see it on our YouTube Channel.  Buy the T-Fal Actifry on Amazon.