RV Upgrades and Mods - Page 1

SeaFlo RV Accumulator Tank

This is an easy upgrade that will smooth out your water pump and make your pump run better.   See our  video on our Video Page-1 or Click Here to see it on our YouTube channel.     Buy the SeaFlo RV Accumulator tank on Amazon.   Buy the FDA approved Vinyl Hose on Amazon.  

Jensen JCAM1 coach interior rearview camera

Rearview of interior of coach is visible from the dashboard on the Jensen Radio/navigation unit.   Buy this Jensen JCAM1 on Amazon.

Roof upgrade

Camco 40711 Aero-flo roof vent cover for bathroom vent.   Buy this Aero-flo on Amazon.

Siphon 360 for black and grey tank vent.   Buy this Siphon 360 on Amazon.

Coach Protection

Surge Guard 34520 30 amp hard wired surge protector with interior display.   Buy this Surge Guard on Amazon.   Buy this SurgeGuard interior display on Amazon.

Rechargeable Innova LED flashlight.   Buy this flashlight on Amazon.

Bigfoot automatic hydraulic levelers.   Find out more about Bigfoot auto levelers here. 

Propane options

Camco 59123 Extend-A-Stay propane brass tee with 4 ports plus 5' and 12' hoses. This allows connection of an auxiliary tank and hook up propane accessories like a BBQ. See our  video on our Video Page-1 or Click Here to see it on our YouTube channel.   Buy this Camco propane auxiliary hookup on Amazon.  Buy  Camco 10324 Gas Leak Detector with Sprayer on Amazon. 

Utility cabinet

Alfa CampPro WiFi booster to pull in those weak WiFi signals.   Buy this WiFi booster on Amazon.

Sirius radio on coach surround sound radio.   Buy a Sirius receiver on Amazon.  Buy this Sirius Docking Station on Amazon

500 Watt power inverter and 12V accessory ports.   Buy this inverter on Amazon.

Refrigerator fans

Refrigerator dual 12v interior fin fan and 12v blower fan on bottom portion of fridge for great air movement.  See our  video on our Video Page-1 or Click Here to see it on our YouTube channel.    Buy this RV Cooling Unit fan on Amazon.   Buy the large RV Cooling Unit on Amazon.

Night Lights

Blue LED night lights in cab and coach.   Buy these lights on Amazon.

Satellite Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio for cab area.   Buy this radio on Amazon.   Buy this docking station on Amazon.

Grab handle

Camco screen door cross bar.   Buy this cross bar on Amazon.

Drawer Organization

Custom wood built drawer organizers.

Awning Tie Down Poles

Black (Turbs - Forest River Forum) powder coated awning tie down poles.   Find out more about these tie down poles on the Forest River Forum.

WiFi Antenna Booster

Exterior WiFi antenna tube by Alfa.   Buy this WiFi kit on Amazon.

Bathroom Essential

Camco 43961 wall mount trash can in bathroom.   Buy this trash can on Amazon. 

Blue Streak Chemical sanitation dispenser for toilet. Can't say enough how great this is.   Buy this Blue Streak dispenser on Amazon.   Buy the Blue Streak refills on Amazon.

Enamel coated wood Dometic 385311940 toilet seat for 310 bowl.   Buy this toilet seat on Amazon.

Bathroom hand soap dispenser

Simply Silver wall soap dispenser in bathroom.   Buy this soap dispenser on Amazon.

Air ionizer

Hayata air/ionizer purifier for coach area.   Buy this air ionizer on Amazon.

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